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"The best massage in Chicagoland" A new massage experience

"The best massage in Chicagoland" A new massage experience

"The best massage in Chicagoland" A new massage experience"The best massage in Chicagoland" A new massage experience"The best massage in Chicagoland" A new massage experience
Welcome to Chicago Trinity Massage

Home of the original trinity massage Experience!

Experience Maria's unique Trinity Massage Experience! Maria's perfected technique combines traditional massage therapy techniques with elements of Shiatsu, Thai Bodywork (Thai Stretching), and the use of her legs and feet to gain additional leverage when massaging large muscle groups. Click below to learn more!

Maria's Services


Swedish Trinity Massage

The perfect massage for deep relaxation and comfort. Combines gentle, flowing Swedish massage techniques, with Maria's Trinity style, and some gentle stretching as needed. 

Deep Tissue Trinity Massage

This is a deep and more aggressive massage to relieve deep muscle tension (knots). Maria incorporates the use of her feet to more effectively massage large muscle groups holding the most tension. We may also throw in some muscle stretches as needed based on any mobility issues. 

Mobile Massage Service

Can't make it to our location? Experience the best mobile massage therapy in Chicagoland! Note: mobile massage outside of 5 miles from Countryside, IL will have an added gas/travel fee. 

Prenatal Massage

Relaxing massage to diminish tension and common discomfort caused by pregnancy such as lower back pain and foot pain. We will discuss your exact situation, needs and create a relaxing customized massage for your health!

Trinity Sports Massage

Experience the perfect massage for athletes and athletic recovery. Whether you are an elite athlete or just need to increase mobility/relieve tension for gold and tennis, we have the perfect massage for you. Maria uses relaxing Swedish massage to warm-up muscles, deep tissue techniques to relieve deep tension, Trinity massage to treat large and tense muscles. If you are dealing with specific mobility issues such as hip or knee tightness, Maria can also uses strategic stretching techniques paired with massage. 

Corporate Chair Massage

Treat your employees to some much needed relaxation and appreciation! Chair massages are 10-15 minutes of direct work on key areas on the neck, shoulders and back. Your work team will thank you! 2 hour minimum and Maria will provide all equipment.

Contact Maria


Contact Maria

Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Phone: (312) 599-5125



Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Book an appointment at our comfortable location in Countryside, IL. Just a short drive from Chicago, Wheaton, and Joliet.


Out-Call Massage Service

Visit us in Countryside, IL!

Out-Call Massage Service

Call us to book a massage therapy appointment in your home or hotel! Note: Out-call massage may be subject to additional travel fees. 

Menu / Price List

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About Us

Experience Meets Care

We have over 10 years of experience and licensing from two different massage schools for different techniques. What makes our massage style unique is not only our skill and experience but also our passion for healing and wellness. We know that when you come for a massage you are here to relieve stress and feel better. Our mission is to ensure every client has a great experience and leaves feeling more healthy and relaxed than when they arrived. We take health very seriously and we are confident you will notice the difference!

About The Trinity Massage Technique

Most massage therapists have short careers due to carpel-tunnel and other injuries from the physical nature of massage therapy.  When our founder had a wrist injury she learned Shiatsu (massaging with her feet) and created a system where she uses her feet to deeply massage the largest muscle groups. This additional leverage creates a deeper and more effective massage while also protecting the therapist from injury. Maria also acknowledges the value and wisdom of other massage styles so she incorporates other methods, such as stretching, to fully relieve tension and support mobility in key joints. We truly believe we offer the best massage method  in the world and we know that someday our system will become the gold-standard in massage therapy schools everywhere!